I have an account with a certain building society, who have merged with this, bought that, and shagged the other, and are now standardising their Ts and Cs.

And so I have here an email saying that there is “good news” about my account.

Colour me sceptical but I didn’t rush to spend the riches.

Reading carefully, I now find that the reaosn they are emailing me is to tell me that whereas previously, had I made a withdrawel from the account, I would have been credited with interest up to the daybefore, I will in future be credit with interest on the funds up to the day of the transaction.

So until the day I can afford to stash a couple of billion quid with them, that makes a difference of… oh, let’s say (taps calculator) less than the money I could’ve earned in the time it took me to read their flippin’ email!!