Flexor from Camrivox is a CTI “add in” that links your new Snom VOIP phone to Outlook. With Flexor in place

  • You can dial any number in your Outlook contact database by just clicking with the mouse, then pick up the handset (or use the headset) – no need to read the number off the screen and type it into the phone.
  • An incoming call will pop up a small window near the clock and that’ll show you the caller’s number (if available) and, if the number is found in Ouutlook, it’ll show you the name of who is calling. You can also click in thus window to accept or reject the call, especially useful if you have a headset as you don’t need to touch the phone itself to action the call.
  • If enabled, Flexor will also create a Journal entry in Outlook noting that an incoming or outgoing call took place, which contact it relates to, and allow you to add a quick note.