BT are withdrawing their Bypass Numbers.

If you know what these are, and will miss the service, note that Wizards have an alternative service!

If you don’t know…

A Bypass Number is a second phone number on your ordinary BT phone line, which bypasses (clever, eh?) any diversions or blocks on the line.

So you can take the “divert” service and have all incoming calls forwarded to your mobile, or to your in-laws whilst you’re visiting, say, but anyone knowing the bypass number can dial that and it still rings on the main line, ignoring the “divert”. So you can still phone home even if you forgot to cancel the divert!!

Only BT are withdrawing the service. They offer, instead, their CallSign service. But this isn’t the same at all!!

So the good news is, with Wizards Inbound Call Routing service, you can achieve the same results, and use other featuers as well!!!!

Full details at on the Wizards website.

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