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The tube in detail.

If you’re even remotely geeky about trains and railway networks, this is worth a look. It’s a “geographical” map of the London tube network, it includes all current lines and stations, but also all historical lines, stations, part-built stations, etc., and it shows sidings and train yards, etc.  It’s geographically accurate, it shows where the lines actually run, including where they cross each other (e.g. the diving pass the Victoria line makes just south of Warren Street), the turning loop at Kennington, the way the platforms are staggered at Picadilly…

Just as much a work of art as the “traditional” tube map is often regarded.


Bank website security starts with the banks!

Copy of an email I just sent…

Dear Barnsley Building Society.

I received an email (see below). Clearly a phishing attempt, I thought, as it contains a clickable link. No sensible email from a bank or building society would contain a clickable link.

Trouble is, it looks like a real link.
Tell me you’re not sending out emails with clickable links in. Have you heard of “phishing”?

Oh noes! We’re all going to glow in the dark. Or not…

Perhaps not, actually.  What’s really going on in those Japanese nuclear power stations?


Here is a post with actual *facts* instead of just scare-mongering paper-selling headlines.