December 2016 – an internet attack has found vulnerabilities in certain router models, including the very popular Zyxel AMG-1302.

The symptoms of this attack are

  • Your router appears to be connected to the internet (green DSL light, lots of activity) but you can’t access anything
  • You can’t log in to your router’s control panel

TO fix it you need to obtain the latest firmware for the router, see the link below. Clearly you can’t use your router to get it. Sadly I can’t help you with this step. Pop round to a mate with a memory stick…


Now here are the steps to follow. Don’t skip any – if you try to upgrade to v.15 firmware from v.08 you will lock your router and need to buy a new one!


  • Unplug from the DSL line and reboot. This should give you access to the config menu.
  • Upgrade it to the latest firmware – ONE STEP AT A TIME, e.g. if you are on v.02 as most will be, go first to v.08, then to v.12, then v.14, and finally v.15
  • NOTE that from v.12 on you MUST change the password from the factory-default of 1234. Don’t forget what you changed it to.
  • NOTE also that for some reason one or more of the upgrades seems to upset the browser and it doesn’t subsequently let you log in – switch browsers.
  • THEN when you’re safely on V.15, you must do a Factory Reset of the settings. This will obviously require you to re-enter your ADSL login information.
  • NOW you can plug the DSL cable back in and you should be off and running.


The firmware files for the AMG1302-T10B (not to be used for any other router!) are here