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Domain scam

Another company has started playing the game of sending you a “renewal” invoice for your domain when your domain is NOT registered with them. This one comes by email to the domain admin and the hyperlink it gives you for payment is “”. Don’t give these people any money. Contact the company through which you HAVE registered the domain and check it’s being renewed OK.

The good news for Wizards customrs is we lock your domain to prevent it being hijacked so your domain won’t move, but you might still be out $75.


OMG I’m rich!

I have an account with a certain building society, who have merged with this, bought that, and shagged the other, and are now standardising their Ts and Cs.

And so I have here an email saying that there is “good news” about my account.

Colour me sceptical but I didn’t rush to spend the riches.

Reading carefully, I now find that the reaosn they are emailing me is to tell me that whereas previously, had I made a withdrawel from the account, I would have been credited with interest up to the daybefore, I will in future be credit with interest on the funds up to the day of the transaction.

So until the day I can afford to stash a couple of billion quid with them, that makes a difference of… oh, let’s say (taps calculator) less than the money I could’ve earned in the time it took me to read their flippin’ email!!

Hard to believe

I wish that I could say “this is so stupid it can’t be true” but sadly it is, and sadder still, I have no trouble believing it. Pls read this, and sign the petition linked at the end.


At 63, still rocking out.

Joined in with 10,000 other folk at Wembley last night to appreciate the latest tour from the big man. You know you’re in for a good session when Bat Out Of Hell comes third in the set! Patti Russo back with the team too. And free copies of the album.

If you havn’t caught the tour,  scope for tickets now. Bought ours six months ago via Planet  Rock’s website but there were spaces so I guess you might still find some on sale.  Tour dates here.

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BBC get the wrong guy again.

On the same day James Naughtie stepped on his rick and tripped over his tongue, the BBC have once again interviweed the wrong person on air. World at One attempted to interview Mike Crockhart and ended up speaking to someone without a clue. Here’s the Guardian‘s article.

I propose them for this year’s Guy Kewney award. Given the way things are going, maybe it should be awarded monthly…


BT Bypass Numbers are passing by

BT are withdrawing their Bypass Numbers.

If you know what these are, and will miss the service, note that Wizards have an alternative service!

If you don’t know…

A Bypass Number is a second phone number on your ordinary BT phone line, which bypasses (clever, eh?) any diversions or blocks on the line.

So you can take the “divert” service and have all incoming calls forwarded to your mobile, or to your in-laws whilst you’re visiting, say, but anyone knowing the bypass number can dial that and it still rings on the main line, ignoring the “divert”. So you can still phone home even if you forgot to cancel the divert!!

Only BT are withdrawing the service. They offer, instead, their CallSign service. But this isn’t the same at all!!

So the good news is, with Wizards Inbound Call Routing service, you can achieve the same results, and use other featuers as well!!!!

Full details at on the Wizards website.

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Wizards sells Flexor

Flexor from Camrivox is a CTI “add in” that links your new Snom VOIP phone to Outlook. With Flexor in place

  • You can dial any number in your Outlook contact database by just clicking with the mouse, then pick up the handset (or use the headset) – no need to read the number off the screen and type it into the phone.
  • An incoming call will pop up a small window near the clock and that’ll show you the caller’s number (if available) and, if the number is found in Ouutlook, it’ll show you the name of who is calling. You can also click in thus window to accept or reject the call, especially useful if you have a headset as you don’t need to touch the phone itself to action the call.
  • If enabled, Flexor will also create a Journal entry in Outlook noting that an incoming or outgoing call took place, which contact it relates to, and allow you to add a quick note.

Wizards has a Centrex service.

After reviewing a number of offerings on the market Wizards has decided to offer FeaturePlus as it’s centrex VOIP service.

We feel FeaturePlus provides the best range of features, a very straightforward web control panel, and a sensible price.

If you want a single VOIP phone or two or three for a small office, FeaturePlus is up your street.

More information here.